Meet the Team



Dr. Carla C. Johnson is the President of STEM Innovations, LTD. Dr. Johnson is an expert in integrated STEM education who has authored over 200 research papers, books, book chapters, and other publications focused on STEM education. Dr. Johnson has worked many partners on STEM evaluation, STEM strategic planning, and STEM curriculum development in the U.S. and other countries including China. Dr. Johnson is the lead author of the STEM Road Map: A Framework for Integrated STEM Education (Johnson, Peters-Burton, & Moore, 2015) as well as the STEM Road Map curriculum series published by NSTA that includes 30 integrated STEM instructional units spanning grades K-12. Dr. Johnson has provided strategic planning support to over 30 new STEM Schools and has developed and delivered research-based professional development programs focused on improving STEM teacher effectiveness. Dr. Johnson has led state-wide and federal level evaluations of STEM education policy investments. 




The strength of STEM Innovations, LTD is the power of our expert consultant team that leads our work. All of our team members are leaders in STEM education working in K-12 and in higher education across the U.S. Our team includes experts in STEM evaluation, STEM school and curriculum development, and STEM teacher professional development. 

Our partners (sample)

Tennessee stem innovation network - STEM Evaluation

National integrated cyber education research center - STEM Evaluation

national science teaching association - Stem road map curriculum

xinhua Winshare publishing company - STEM curriculum development

Kokomo school corporation - stem school strategic planning and professional development